Back To The Grind

2016 was a total jerk, right? We lost so many great artists and gained Donald Trump as President. WTF?! The good news is it’s finally 2017 and with the New Year comes new beginnings. It is time to power through that holiday (or political) hangover and get engaged with something expressive and exciting. Something that let’s your desires, your soul or your amazing sense of humour shine through these dark nights.
At Expose Yourself we are all about creating opportunities for artists and art lovers to let their hair down and be re-invigorated. Try out a medium, delve down to your deepest places or make a satirical statement about the world around you! If there’s an erotic twist and it explores the realms of art, humanity or humour, we want to exhibit it!
The deadline to submit your art to the 2017 Expose Yourself exhibition is Jan 21st!
With a variety of interactive installations and performances set, we are super excited to see the visual art contributions come together, too! Submission details can be found at Follow along on the social media via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates.
Rage against the machine and/or hippy blessings to you,



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