Process Driven

We have been receiving some super submission updates on projects in process.

We don’t want to spoil the surprise but, let’s just say that the 2017 exhibition will feature some downright libidinous (look it up, hot-stuff!) installations and community art projects. Remember the monkeys? The teddies? The giant felted penis mounted on a roving rumba? The barbies?!

Yeah… We love that stuff.

Don’t forget, the submission deadline is midnight on Saturday, January 21st. If your piece is still “in process” at that time, that’s alright, just be sure to send us your best representation of the piece (pictures!) and any explanation you think we will need in order to make sure we gotchew. And, if you be afraid of the request for a CV (resume) DON’T BE. This can be a full, professional artists CV, an overview of what you’ve been up to or a drawing of a artist rendering of your butt. It ain’t a contest! It’s research.

In the meantime,  if you’ve got detail images of your installation (a pic of a detail or two on your project — something that won’t blow the surprise), your costume or your non-sanctioned Expose Yourself art-bomb, send ’em in to




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