Role Call: Caitlin Bryant

Raised by artists and wolves.861301_4577706996480_509037719_o

Expose Yourself Founder and Producer Caitlin Bryant spent the first years of her life growing up in the studios and artist run galleries of East Vancouver with her mom, a visual artist and her Dad, a woodworking bookworm.

In her early teens her family ripped her from the comforts of city life (so dramatic!) and moved herself and her wolf-dog Amadeus to the fishing village of Lund, BC, where, for the next decade and a half, they communed with the Cedars, skinny-dipped in the phosphorescence and danced to live bands in the forests and orchards of the Sunshine Coast. As it turns out, bush life ain’t so bad.

After procreation, it became clear to Caitlin that she would need a “job” in order to sufficiently provide for her family so, naturally, she decided to pursue a career in the arts. After another decade of getting educated and working really, really hard at getting a “job” in the arts, Caitlin is proud to report that not only can she pay her own rent but, she puts pants (or skirts) on everyday and goes to an actual office where she helps brilliant people create vibrant communities through arts and culture.

She has a wide range of arts administration and programming experience including visual arts, theatre, film festivals, music and community radio (fuck yeah). She likes beach fires, road trips, puns, colourful alleys, amateur photography and weird art.

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