Role Call: Miel Creasey

Role call for jury duty!

 Erotica is using a feather, Pornography is using the whole chicken.  – Isabel Allende 

We are excited to welcome Meil Creasey back into the fold. She joins us as a visual arts jury member and brings so much talent and thoughtfulness to the table.

‘Fecundity’ by Miel Creasey (2012 Expose Yourself submission)

“As a visual artist I am beyond thrilled to be involved in this coming years Erotic Art Show – After a few years’ hiatus Powell River’s Art Show of Year is making a comeback!  As a contributing artist it is so exciting to be giving an opportunity to interpret erotica in a personal and visual way – to me the subject of erotic art is empowering and freeing; as artistic expression always should be.  To me this show has always been about breaking down barriers related to shaming of the human body, it’s about feeling comfortable with our sexual selves, and defining the vast differences between erotica and porn.”

We couldn’t agree more with those sentiments!

Check out Miel’s full portfolio at

Miel’s work focuses on natural, social and political subject matter, often relating them to one another. She’s interested in history, in changes that occur over time relating to land, environment, industry, people and their cultures.  Her work is both contemporary and historical, attempting an emotional history of British Columbia’s coast -its darkness, optimism, and secrets- and attempts to create a balance between social critique and a remembrance of a time and place that once was.

‘Permission to Come Ashore’ by Miel Creasey

“My interest in the history of land and human settlement has largely stemmed from my upbringing.  Growing up I spent many summers exploring the coastal area of Desolation Sound by sailboat.  I was intrigued by the old homesteads, abandoned coastal village sites, and plant species that were non-native to the area; all were like clues, which left me wondering what once was.  Later on, after meeting my partner, who is of Coast Salish decent, my interest in the history of the area became even greater. Gaining knowledge and insight into traditional Coast Salish culture has greatly influenced my current work.  I am ever-curious about the First Nations commitment to their traditional practices; their songs, dances, languages, ceremonies and rituals, and their struggle to keep them alive.”

‘Turning Tides (Galley Bay, Desolation Sound)’ by Miel Creasey

Miel views her current work as a medium in which she can comment on human evolution; our tendencies to dominate each-other and our natural resources, our ever-growing population, and our world which is constantly in a state of change.  She wishes for her work to respectfully acknowledge the peoples and communities that have made the British Columbia coast their home for so many years; to tell their stories and let the history of the land live on.

Thank you, Miel, for your caring and creativity. You are a vibrant and loving soul and we are over-the-moon to be working with you!


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